For the past 20 years, DepotStar, Inc. has supported contract manufacturing services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and third party maintenance providers. With our 22,000 square-foot facility and an in-house specialized staff, our team handles all phases of the manufacturing process for cable harnesses, printed circuit boards, electronic box builds, and electromechanical control panels.

DepotStar also specializes in reverse engineered replacement or obsoleted components to allow our customers a timely and cost efficient solution. We can design in-house or prototype custom builds per our customer supplied specifications, work with your engineers to quickly develop a prototype and to manufacture product for you and develop manufacturing processes that reduce final production costs. We offer complete and custom turnkey project support with a quick turn time ranging from small quantities to large. DepotStar, Inc. proudly serves the aerospace, automotive, defense, industrial, manufacturing, and medical industries.

Contract Manufacturing - Production Floor
  • Wire Harness/Cable Assemblies
    • Simple Wire Termination to Complex Harness Configuration
    • Bread Boards / Prototype Assemblies and Documentation
    • High Volume
    • Fast Turn Time
  • PC Board Assembly
    • Complete Turnkey Capability
    • Through Hole and Surface Mount Assemblies (ROHS and Non-ROHS)
    • Complete Product Assembly
    • Operation and Functional Testing
  • High Volume Machined Parts
    • Enclosure Machining
    • Part Manufacturing
    • High Volume CNC
    • Production Wire EDM Parts
    • Thermal Formed Parts
  • Electromechanical/Box Builds 
    • Electronic Panels
    • Air and Hydraulic Panels
    • Enclosure Machining
    • Hardware Assembly
    • Wire Routing Placement
    • Turnkey Assemblies
  • Medical Equipment
    • DepotStar incorporates thermal sensors, motors, and other mechanical devices with durable electronics and reliable software
  • Miscellaneous
    • Laser Engraving
    • Thermoforming
    • Overlay and Print Design

Wire Harness/Cable Assemblies

DepotStar has the capability to provide a high variety of wire harness and cable assemblies. Our experienced assembly staff can deliver from low volume prototype products to high volume production runs at an advanced quality standard. The DepotStar production team holds the tools to complete any order.

PC Board Assembly

DepotStar has the ability to deliver a variety of PC board solutions; everything from design to production. Allow our experienced engineering team to satisfy your prototype needs or let our highly-trained technicians populate and assemble a production order following DepotStar’s advanced quality standard.

High Volume Machined Parts

DepotStar also has a fully functional and advanced machine shop in-house, offering a fast and quality solution to any machining or tooling needs. The machining team is capable of design, programming and large-scale production, utilizing multiple CNCs, and even a WEDM.

Electromechanical and Box Build Assembly

DepotStar’s specialized staff can accommodate assemblies on any level. Our manufacturing engineering team, along with experienced assembly personnel, creates thorough instructions, assembles and tests any and all electromechanical assemblies to the highest of quality standards.

Medical Equipment

DepotStar has a long history of developing precision medical test equipment. We excel at incorporating thermal sensors, motors, and other mechanical devices with durable electronics and reliable software used in long-term testing of life-saving medical equipment.


DepotStar has a wide variety of production solutions available to any customer. From laser engraving to thermoforming, and even overlay print and design, DepotStar can accommodate any and all aspects of product design and manufacture.