For the past 20 years, DepotStar, Inc. has developed a team of highly skilled electrical and mechanical engi­neers, designers, programmers, tool makers and support staff. This dedicated team has been successful in creating parts and products that others have turned down or said couldn’t be made. Our staff uses the latest equipment, software and diagnostic tools to design, develop, and document the projects from the beginning to a finished product. We offer complete turnkey engineering product support from embedded and sub-systems design, operational schematic through PCB design, embedded software to mechanical parts and product packaging. Whether it’s just an individual part or a complete product, DepotStar’s team will deliver the highest quality, most innovative solution that fills your needs.

Engineering - Engineer at Work
  • Electrical/Mechanical
    • Product Design and Development
    • Complete Document Package
    • Concept to Finished Products
    • Box Builds
  • Reverse Engineering
    • Electrical & Mechanical
    • End of Life Product Support
    • Obsolete Component Alternatives
    • PCB Re-Creation & Schematic Layout
  • Wiring Diagrams
    • Documentation Services
    • Revision Level Component Verification
  • 3D Modeling
    • Solidworks
    • Mechanical Design / Modeling
  • Test System Design
    • Accelerated Life Test Systems and Fixtures
    • In-Circuit Functional Test Systems
    • Go/No-Go Mechanical Fixture Design
    • Assembly Fixture and Tooling
    • Automated Test Fixtures /Custom PCB
  • Product Development
    • Design and Build
  • PC Board Layout
    • Single Layer
    • Multi-Layer


At DepotStar, we have expert personnel, utilizing leading-edge technology, who want to work with you to make your ideas a reality. We cover all bases; from electrical circuit board design to 3D modeling and also from prototype to production. DepotStar can provide you with the highest quality of engineering, along with product support and documentation to transform your ideas into products and ensure they remain that way.

  • Complete product design
  • Prototype build/ verification
  • Concept through finished products
  • Schematic creation
  • PCB layout services (single and multilayer)
  • Systems design
  • Electrical integration into mechanical housings

Reverse Engineering

Do you have an old piece of equipment that you would like redesigned? DepotStar’s expert engineering team can reverse engineer, redesign and provide relevant documentation for the repair, improvement, or reproduction of the system.

Wiring Diagrams

With all new production items, DepotStar will provide engineering documentation after development of the product. From 3D models to wiring pinouts, our engineers will ensure your product can be consistently and efficiently reproduced.

3D Modeling

DepotStar’s engineering team utilizes top-of-the-line 3D Modeling software to present your product ideas, as well as generate drawings for machining and production.

Test System Design

DepotStar has a highly experienced engineering team capable of reverse engineering, improving or designing new test fixtures completely from scratch. The DepotStar team is capable of everything from machining for heavy-duty fixtures, to producing the overlays for control panel surfaces. If you’re looking to expand operations or bring old equipment to the modern day, DepotStar can provide.

Product Development

DepotStar’s advanced engineering capabilities make it possible to develop products from prototype design to PC board layouts. We can accommodate a product all the way from the drawing board to the assembly line; whether it be machining, cabling or populating boards.